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We speak english! english psychologist zielona gora

If you're looking for psychological help, consulting or mental treatment in Zielona Gora, try our Integrative Psychotherapy counselling.

We help in any emotional difficulties which may be overwhelming, especially:
  • personal & relation difficulties
  • family difficulties / difficulties with youth, children or parents
  • difficulties in finding a couple / in marriage or relationship
  • depression, a sense of meaninglessness, lack of energy, suicidal thoughts
  • isolation, sadness
  • anxiety disorders (neurosis) - panic attacks, trauma, PTSD (post traumatic stress)
  • eating disorders - anorexia, bulimia, overeating
  • alimentary system diseases - gastric ulcer, gastro-intestinal disorders, diarrhoea, constipation, etc.
  • support in somatic diseases: e.g. thyroid gland disorders, cancer, chronic diseases
  • body problems - self-damage, nervous or unknown-origin pains & diseases
  • addiction - alcohol, cigarettes,  drugs, gambling, etc.
  • sexual disorders and problems
  • difficulties in job finding, stagnacy, burnout
  • death of relatives, mourning
Get in touch with Joanna Kubicka-Jakuczun: +48501529580, who provides psychotherapy in english. Joanna's basic approach is Gestalt humanistic psychotherapy, which integrates with such popular modalities: psychodynamic, psychoanalitic, cognitive-behavioral, Milton Erickson's, family systemic, psychosomatherapy, bodywork, hipnosis, mindfulness.

Contact info:
Chopina 21A st., Zielona Gora, I floor
at Main Post side, next to PeKaO S.A. Bank
easy parking at Chopina Street